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Hunting & Ice Fishing Shacks

Turtleback Homes offer Hunting and Fishing Shack configurations with optional off-grid systems while incorporating the steel building insulated metal panel construction on steel metal skids for ease of mobility onto a flat deck trailer.


- Structural Steel Metal Panels
- Steel metal skid frames
- Open floor plan configurations
- Dimensions 8’ x 12’
- Option floor cutouts for ice fishing
- Optional hunting blind cutouts
- Optional steel elevated structure with ladder for hunting blinds
- Optional off-grid living systems
- Optional rock proof glass sealed window units
- Optional Engineered stamped drawings

Easy to Assemble

Stay Warm

Don’t let the cold keep you off the ice! Our kits are made with 5" thick insulated steel floor, wall and roof panels that offer a building shell with an R-Value of 28.5 and exceptional air tightness.


The ice shack kits are made with structural insulated steel panels that have a lightweight foam core. The floor, wall and roof systems are tied together using light-gauge galvanized connection angles. The self-framing panels eliminate the need for any secondary framing.


Assembled weight is approximately 2,000 lb. Custom sizes available.